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Sylvan-Highlands Emergency Preparedness

SHEP logoSylvan-Highlands Emergency Preparedness & Neighborhood Emergency Team (SHEP NET) committee goal is to organize efforts in preparing for emergencies and to find and grow educational tools and programs to help the community stay safe.

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The City of Portland is committed to principles of effective emergency management to provide quality emergency response services to its residents. However, despite the City’s efforts, there is still the likelihood that a major disaster, like an earthquake, would overwhelm the City’s and the neighboring community’s professional emergency responders for days or weeks. Therefore, as part of the emergency planning process, Sylvan Highlands Neighborhood Association (SHNA) recognizes the need for residents to be prepared, organized, and trained to effectively work together to quickly assess damages and respond to their own emergency needs. It is for such a situation that the following program is being developed.
SHNA is developing a Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Plan to promote assistance to our neighbors and establish clear lines of communication during an emergency or disaster situation. This new plan will incorporate the important aspects of the Neighbor Cluster Program and individual and family preparedness. Neighborhoods need all levels of involvement from preparing your own household, being a safe house, to serving as a Cluster Captain.

Cluster Captains have a very important role in this plan.

During Non-emergency Times

  • Maintain a current list of neighbors you are responsible for.
  • Have a backup and potential runners.
  • Have knowledge of more vulnerable residents.
  • Have knowledge of personal skills and useful equipment available.
  • Be familiar with the radio communications plan.
  • Attend Annual General Meetings.
  • Take training courses when available.
Responsibilities in a Declared Emergency

  • Look after your own family concerns.
  • Patrol and assess aid and assistance requirements for neighbors you are responsible for.
  • Inform the Team Leader (by radio or runner) of your situation and any additional assistance required.
  • Monitor the situation and pass on any pertinent information to the Team Leader.
  • Pass on information received from the Team Leader to neighbors.

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In the event of a citywide or regional emergency such as a severe winter storm, flood or major earthquake, households need to be prepared to be on their own for at least a week. Neighborhoods need to be prepared for self-sufficiency, too. Volunteer neighborhood rescuers will likely be first on-the-scene when firefighters and police are slowed by impassable streets or overwhelmed by calls for help.

Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) are Portland residents trained by PBEM and Portland Fire & Rescue to provide emergency disaster assistance within their own neighborhoods. NET members are trained to save lives and property until professional responders can arrive. These volunteers are specially trained to help others without putting themselves in harm’s way. NET members are:

  1. Prepared to be self-sufficient for two weeks during any emergency.
  2. Able to provide emergency assistance to their family and immediate neighbors.
  3. Able to work within an emergency response team to save lives and property in their neighborhood.
  4. Able to guide untrained volunteers who want to help others during a disaster.

For more information and how to get involved with NET see the City of Portland PBEM site